Project Description

The Nisga’a word hats’al̓t, means octopus and the design is for you to interpret on your own. Is it two octopuses (yes octopuses) meeting, maybe a male and female signifying a new life cycle, maybe giving each other a high-five, is there a battle afoot? I like showing this duality in my work, my contemporary NWC formline meets my painterly realism. So, it could also be an octopus seeing another version of itself. I heard a lot of interesting opinions on the creature, from people appreciating their intelligence to saying they’re aliens.

I’m so happy with the way it turned out, especially because of how challenging this specific wall was. Not only was it the biggest wall I’ve done (besides collaborative murals), but it had deep-set bricks in the hot sun from 10 am onwards. Josh and I stayed in Chilliwack in our little trailer for the week, we arrived on the 4th in the evening to project my design and left on the 12th in the afternoon, but I only had about 6.5 days of actual painting. I lost a couple of afternoons due to heat. Josh also promoted himself to assistant mural painter and helped block in some of the colours and helped fill in between the bricks, he’s always such a huge help behind the scenes, and this time he bravely picked up a brush and I was beyond thrilled! @easedesigns_art also filled in between some of those bricks, which was so appreciated!

We had our trailer on-site during the day and then we were graciously hosted by @ajaxmalone at night, thank you so much Amber and Fam! Thank you to the sponsors, Erpie Advisory Inc., Chelle Gordy, EMP Fishing, Kim Mallory, and @zebookman. Thank you for having me again @chilliwackmuralfestival@DowntownChilliwack, and @chilliwackartscouncil. Also thanks to CMF for putting an anti-graffiti coat on. Shout out to @cooperequipmentrentals for the lift. Cheers for keeping us caffeinated, hydrated, and treat-loaded on the daily @decadesbakery! And to @royalscombucha for the growler! Thank you to the surrounding businesses and community that offered encouragement along the way.