Project Description


There is a new mural here in Downtown Abbotsford and I had the opportunity of being a part of the killer team put together by the Reach Gallery and their CitiSEEN Emerge Program. Our lead artist was Sean Karemaker and the rest of our team consisted of myself (Chantelle Trainor-Matties), Dona Park, Natalie Scott, and Jay Rettich. This project was an amazing collaboration between all the artists and it was so much fun. We all had our hands on almost every part, but the best part about this project was that Karemaker wanted to make sure we all had parts that we could call our own. I would love to highlight some of what I call mine. It may seem obviously to those of you that know me, but I painted that otter along with his beaver buddy, the little moose friend, the spirit bear and the bald eagle soaring overhead (inspired by Karemaker’s eagle concept illustration). I also painted the purple portion of the Orca originally illustrated by Karemaker. I was proud to work alongside my colleagues and new friends on many other parts of the mural too, from silhouettes to the multitude of green brush strokes, we were a great team, a team that also included Joseph Bronson who filmed our whole endeavor.

Video Here