Project Description




My studio name is Frettchan Studios (a play on words for ferret in various languages and my name) and obviously, my logo is a ferret. I wanted to design the entire character behind my logo. He is a ferret and ermine hybrid who wears a crown around his neck that calls to the royal ermine in The Ermine Portrait from 1585 by Nicholas Hillard. The crown is embedded with jewels that individually represent one of my ferrets (3 of which has passed on..) Momo (red), Niku (blue), Pabu (purple) and Kēki (pink), additionally the crown is yellow which connects to my cat named Choco. (My animal companions have assigned colors) He is white with a few black markings such as the top of his head, his bandit mask and the tip of his tail. Here tail is doused in black ink while in my logo he carries a pencil.