My ferret Kēki passed away on Feb. 12, less than a week shy of her 7th birthday… She is the little white ferret you’ll see in a lot of my artwork and posts online, she is a child to me along with my other fur kids. Below is from my Instagram Post:

“She decided it was her time early that morning while sleeping on my chest after a long night of us in her room making sure she had all the help she needed. We tried everything and we’re so broken. We’re going to miss our baby girl, she means so much to us, her along with all our other ferrets who are now all together again… We’re going to miss her cheeky ways, her nibbles and her kisses, watching her dance and play with her favorite toys, and getting all the cuddles. She was such a strong girl and she fought so hard.

Kēki we miss you and we love you and we’re so thankful for our time that we had with you, we have so many beautiful memories that we will cherish forever. You would have been 7 years old. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it better; we feel so lost without you and the other ferrets. This chapter in our life is over and it is crushing us. We will love you forever. Mum and Dad”

You can see more about the life of my ferrets on my dedicated ferret blog: Even though none of them are with me anymore I will continue to post and re-blog photos of them. The blog is full of amazing memories and trying times and I’m so blessed that I created this within the first year of owning four bouncy ferrets. Dook in Peace to all my little fur kids I miss you all so so much and my heart hurts so much… I am working on writing a dedicated post to all of my ferrets, but that will take some time for me.

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