I am approaching mid-terms in my final semester at university and I’m juggling a little bit of everything right now, including a lot of great opportunities to showcase my art!

Coming up in November: 

  • TedxAbbotsford (re)imagine November 9th, I will be showing some artwork of mine at the TedxAbbotsford [re]imagine conference on the Abbotsford UFV campus! Come and say hi!


  • I’ve been invited to be one of the artists at the VanCity Uncovered Art and Music Gala [2nd Edition] hosted by @uncoveredartcanada! The event will be on November 23 at the Chinese Cultural Center of Vancouver from 5pm till midnight! There will be Food, Drink, Art and Music. Hope to see you there! *Tickets Available HERE (make sure you select that you’re coming to support me (Chantelle Trainor-Matties | FrettchanStudios)!*


Our Art Exhibit Illuminations, ran its course in the beginning weeks of September 2019 at the S’eliyemetaxwtexw Gallery at UFV. I’ve also had some other amazing experiences such as designing the NSO Symbol for The Student Life Assoc. a UFV that you can read about HERE, and some post chilling with the Oregon Spotted Frogs and conservation team that you can read about HERE!

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Thank you for all the support,