I wanted to give my ferret her own dedicated post (rest in peace baby girl), so here is a quick update of art related things since my last post in October. The best way to stay up to date with me is my Art Instagram and my Personal Instagram . I’ve finished my Visual Arts Diploma and eventually want to do a recap of my time at art school, I graduate in June.

Past Art Events:

My art was shown at the Ted X Abbotsford [re]imagine on November 9th. I was a part of the Annual Christmas Craft Market [Heritage Park in Chilliwack] with Nations Creations as a featured artist on November 16th. The following weekend I was a the Vancity Uncovered Art and Music Gala [2nd Edition] by Uncovered Art Canada which was an amazing experience. My artwork was also shown at the Creative Showcase at UFV hosted by associations within SOCA on December 5th. I just finished exhibiting in my first Artist Alley at Fan Expo Vancouver which despite the difficult circumstances was still successful and has encouraged us to attend more.

Art Jobs: 

In November 2019 I completed the artwork for the School of Art at the University of the Fraser Valley 2020 Student Leadership Symposium, the theme being “Empathy in Action”. They later incorporated the artwork into their logo and right now you can check it out/read more about it on my Instagram. Additionally I was interviewed about this piece and my art in general and you can check that out here.

Next month one of my pieces will premier in a collaborative project with the Faculty of Science with Carin Bondar at UFV . A video about climate change that I will make sure to share when the time comes.

Sadly Nations Creations has closed their doors, but my experience working with them was amazing. I had my Pink Shirts sold all over Canada and in other countries and my Salmon and Otter Design sold at a store in Seatac, Seattle WA. It was a very cool experience to see my artwork available in stores.

Upcoming Events: 

You can always check out my upcoming events on my front page, I’m hoping to attend some more conventions such as the Calgary Expo and MiniComi here in Vancouver which are still not confirmed. I will announce events as they come on my social media. My next event coming up very soon is my grad show at UFV. The show is called “20/20” and will be held at the S’eliyemetaxwtexw Art Gallery at the university. There are lots of other events and things to look forward to that I will announce when the time comes.

Site Updates

My Cirriculum Vitae and Portfolio have been updated along with my online store which is now full of a bunch of products.

Thanks for reading,